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Our Team

Jason A. Bowman - President and Principal Attorney

Jason A. Bowman - President and Principal Attorney

Jason A. Bowman

Originally from California, I moved back and forth between Kentucky and California as a result of my own parents divorce. I served six years in the U.S. Army before I attended law school at Texas A&M School of Law. As a result of this service having a veteran owned business and helping veterans is always an honor because of the great sacrifice soldiers make for our country.

I enjoy the challenges of family law as it allows me to have a lot of client contact and to help people through a very challenging and emotional part of their life.

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Pawsgraf v. Bowman

Originally from Illinois, Pawsgraf moved to Kentucky in January of 2019.  Upon completion of his puppy training, Pawsgraf joined Bowman Family Law as a law clerk and serves in the role as man’s best friend. Pawsgraf has extensive training and experience in sitting, laying down, shaking paws (no pun intended), and is currently working to master the art of rolling over. Pawsgraf is extremely outgoing and loves attention.  He is eager to meet and serve the clients and enjoys providing companionship during meetings and consultations.