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Working with an experienced attorney during the adoption process is usually required during an adoption. This is important because there may be possible roadblocks in an adoption especially since adoptions contain a lot of procedures that must be met with accuracy.

Prospective adoptive parents working with an adoption agency in a foreign adoption, the agency generally creates the documents for the family court. Your adoption lawyer will file all documents and will appear with you at the court proceedings. However, If you are planning to engage in a domestic adoption, your adoption lawyer may handle every aspect of the process. A domestic adoption in Kentucky involves the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the state social services agency. The involvement of the Agency may vary with each individual adoption, but it normally involves and investigation and approval by the Agency. Your adoption attorney can help streamline and track the progress of this approval process.

Domestic adoptions range from step-parent adoptions to surrogate adoption agreements. These adoptions may be straightforward or very complex. Regardless of the complexity of your adoption, it is essential that all agreements, consents and court filings are correct. Moreover, it is vital that your adoption attorney act as an effective advocate with the family court, the state agencies and the birth parents.

Step-Parent Adoption

Stepparent adoptions are common when a custodial parent remarries and the new spouse wants to adopt the children from the previous marriage. Perhaps the other parent is deceased or is absent from the children’s lives, and the stepparent wants to take on all the legal rights and responsibilities of legal parenthood.

Private Adoptions

A private adoption is when a parent voluntarily agrees to give up parental rights to a person or a couple who wish to adopt a child. Our law office is available to provide legal advice and guidance to either the birth mother or the adopting parents.